Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A VJ Fader Session

Warung Brazil presents 16 Bit Lolitas - VJ Fader visuals
This live clip from about three years ago echoes some of the classic "visual music" works that emphasized animated geometric forms and patterns as seen in Fischinger, Belson, and the Whitney Bros.

VJ Fader faderTouch Visual Synth - BeiJing Studio Session #5
This clip demonstrates VJ Fader's visual synthesizer "faderTouch" device. The association between visual musician and interface/instrument design is rich, going back to Thomas Wilfred's "light organ," the Clavilux, Belson's "exquisite instrument" control interface to the lighting of the Morrison Planetarium, The Paik-Abe Video Synthesizer used by George Stadnik for his lumia projections, and Bill Sebastian's OVC, developed for Sun Ra and his Arkestra shows in the 1970s. I think this is a rich and renewed area for exploration and development given the ability to design and deliver highly portable, interactive visual performance applications on something the size of an iPad (or on an iPad, for that matter).

VJ Fader's debut solo DJ VJ set using faderTouch, Processing and Ableton Live @ resBox 1-21-2010
Here, VJ Fader is performing both audio and video.

Flying Lotus + VJ FaderLive @ Cornerstone Research Collective Holiday Fundraiser
Hollywood Forever Masonic Lodge
December 11th 2010
Here, VJ Fader performs visuals in support of Flying Lotus. Note the interest with masking video onto physical shapes in the performance space.

An Exclusive First Look at Tim Thompson's Kinect-Based Instrument: MultiMultiTouchTouch
Local electronic musician, Mark Mosher, sent me this link about Tim Thompson's gestural instrument. I already thought it looked like something to try out as a multi-directional controller for 3D sound design in the HyperCube. Seeing VJ Fader's faderTouch makes me think a 3D gestural system for audiovisual synthesis is needed.

What if Tron looked like this...
Art Direction: Fader, VJ Leo, Bruno Oliveira
Models: Claus e Vanessa clausevanessa.com.br
Video Mapping/Editing: Fader vjfader.com
Camera: VJ Leo
Music: Daft Punk - Derezzed (80BPM)
More of VJ Fader's interest in mapping, this time on bodies, suggests a further combination of the MultiMultiTouchTouch-derived gestural cube control with body mapping projections, potentially as a way to cluster events around bodies while also monitoring or seeming to monitor biometric activity within the space.

More on VJ Fader: http://vjfader.com/